This all started with a book. But a lot of people won't take the time to sit down and read a book, but will spend maybe 5 or 10 minutes watching or reading something. So Black Belt Christianity has evolved into so much more. But we're here to talk about books. If you're a reader and you like books, maybe you'll grab one of mine from Amazon in either paperback or Kindle edition.

Quick note about books: I believe that the books we write all have a strong tendency to be static. Words fixed on a page. It's just what happens. While what we write may be divinely inspired by God and given to us by revelation, there is no substitute for the Bible - God's holy Word - living and dynamic.

Additionally, all of my books originate as my personal notes and studies in the Word. I say "you" a lot because (just like during my marital arts training) I talk to myself a lot. I say, "c'mon Ed, you need to do X." Even when talking to groups, I say "you" or "y'all" because I don't want anyone to feel like they're left out of the "we" or "us" group. So if you hear or read something I say when I'm referring to "you," stop and consider if it really applies to you or not. And be honest with yourself. And when God talks to me - and you - He says "you." So there's that. If He's calling you out on something, take heed.

Black Belt Christianity : Fundamentals

The beginning of it all. Yes. It's the basics. It's fundamentals. So yes - it's a little academic. But like any karate athlete who desires to compete, you've got to know the rules. You need to know who the players are in the match, what the competition area is, etc. It's all a part of the discipleship process. You don't know what you don't know. And sadly, many Christians don't even know some of the basics. You'll find all sorts of things this book from the names and attributes of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Devil. The true meaning of many words we tend to throw about in the church world. (Words mean things!!!) The plan of salvation, and more.

You can find the paperback edition HERE or the Kindle edition HERE.

Black Belt Christianity : Ephesians

An exposition on my favorite book! Ephesians tells a great love story. The first half about how much God loves you and what He's done for you. The second half about how the beloved (you) responds (or should respond) in love to Him Who loved you first. This book goes almost verse by verse - but staying in context - explaining exactly what the Holy Spirit was saying through Paul. Very practical and outlines a lot of things that are applicable to daily life.

The paperback version can be purchased HERE and the Kindle edition HERE.

Black Belt Christianity : Think of the Children!

Coming July 2020! Scriptural references and insights on pretty much everything related to our children. What we should be doing as Christian parents, guardians, or leaders with and for our children, no matter their age.

Black Belt Christianity : Let Your Light Shine

Coming soon!  Isn't that our ultimate goal as Christians? Shouldn't it be? For others to see Christ in us. While we're the light of the world, it's not our light others should see. This one may have to be released in two parts because there is a lot of material in here that you can take action on!

Black Belt Christianity : Indomitable Spirit

Another one coming soon!  We all know at least one person who just seems to have it all together. Or at the least they don't let anything get to them. They stay "on top" regardless of what's going on. This book outlines the scriptural principles of having an unconquerable spirit!

Black Belt Christianity : Vocalization

You guessed it - another one in the works! A big part of self-defense isn't so much what you do, but what you say. It is entirely possible to talk your way out of a confrontation without having to ever fight at all. Guess what? It's actually a mandate for Christians. What we say (and shouldn't) are all outlined right in Scripture. Why is it so important? It's a part of who we are.