What is a good fight? One that's already won.

The number one problem many martial arts fighters face? They are their own worst enemies. They get in their own way and cause as many problems for themselves as their enemy does. They spend most of their time fighting against themselves. Guess what? Christians too.

Jesus says in John 16:33 that we'll have trouble in this world, but to be of good cheer because He has overcome the world. To go even further, we see in 1 John 5:4 that everyone born of God overcomes the world. How does it say we do that? By our faith. By our faith in Jesus - that He has overcome the world and that because He lives in us, we have overcome the world through Him.

So welcome to Black Belt Christianity where it's our goal to help teach and train you to get out of your own way, overcome, and to fight the good fight of faith instead of fighting against faith.

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Episode 4 : Happiness

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Episode 3 : Three Greatest Commands

Yeah - 10 in the Old Testament. Jesus named two specifically as the greatest in the New. So what am I saying is the third?

Episode 2 : Freedom

Happy Independence Day! While our nation celebrates its freedom, sadly most Americans aren't truly free...