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Helping others to fight the good fight of faith rather than fighting faith.

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Fight Club 207 - Know Your Tools

Let's expand a little on what we talked about last time. How do you properly use the one thing described as your weapon against the enemy?

Fight Club 206 - Know Your Tools

This is it... We've looked at most of tools in your arsenal when it comes to fight club, but not a single one can be used as a weapon. Let's talk about your one real weapon against the enemy.

Fight Club 205 - Know Your Tools

If you think a concussion is bad, how much worse is it if the Devil gets in your head? You have to protect your head... more accurately - your soul.

Fight Club 204 - Know Your Tools

Of all the tools we have at our disposal - of all the tools we're told to use - while all equally vital to our protection and success, which one is the most important?

Fight Club 203 - Know Your Tools

Could you imagine someone being attacked and standing still? Staying in place? Not moving? No? Me either. A fight is a dynamic engagement - it moves and changes.