Fight Club 202 - Know Your Tools

Last time, we looked at the first tool in our arsenal. Today let's talk about the second piece - righteousness. We hear that word tossed around a lot, but what is it exactly? Righteousness is being in "right-standing" with God. It is God's approval, or what He considers right.

In Ephesians 6:14, it is described as a breastplate. Being in right-standing with God, being approved by Him allows you to stand up and stand tall. There's no need to slouch or cower - God is on your side! And considering a breastplate doesn't offer any protection for your back, running away isn't an option. That flight response we talked about earlier shouldn't even be considered.

Now. Listen closely. Pay attention. In any conflict, in any struggle, you better make sure that's where you are. You need to be absolutely certain you are in right-standing with God. That He approves of your position in the fight. Your "general" righteousness with God, your "holy" righteousness imparted to you by Jesus is not necessarily enough. When it comes to a fight, you still have to make sure you know God's position, what His Word is, and that you're in agreement with it. You have to make sure you're on His side.

Think about it this way... consider your spouse or your children. Maybe even your parents. You're all family, correct? But just because you're family doesn't mean you see eye to eye on every issue. It doesn't mean you're all on the same side in any given fight, does it?

Make sure you're in right-standing with God. Make sure He approves of your positinon in your struggle. How do you do that? Get in a position where you know He'll approve. Get on His side. How? Align your will - your desires - with His. How do you know what His will is? What did we talk about last time? His Word. Go to His Word. His Word is His will. Know His Word. Align your will with His so that by correctly handling His Word, you may be approved (2 Timothy 2:15). Do you see that? Do you see how the breastplate of righteousness is dependent upon the Word? But if you don't gird yourself - surround yourself - wrap yourself in the Word, you can't know for sure you're in postion where you're approved by God. Get. In. The. Word.

Practice the love of God.

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