Fight Club Intro

I can't imagine a karate student being attacked by someone and simply thinking or saying, "my karate will save me!" Can you? That sounds ridiculous doesn't it? It is. They'd be toast! Sadly, that's the way most of the church "fights."

Going to church on Sunday (or watching the message online) isn't enough.
Reading your Bible isn't enough.
Saying a prayer isn't enough.
Doing a 2 minute devotional in the morning isn't enough.

I'm not saying you shouldn't do those things. I'm not saying prayer isn't effective. As my friend Luke Thompson says:

Prayer isn't passive, it's powerful.

And it absolutely is. But it's not how we're called to fight. It's a part of it, but in and of itself is not completely effective. Listen closely...

Prayer does not absolve you of your responsibilities.

And here's more earth-shaking, "religious indoctrination" shattering news for you... "stand still" doesn't mean that. It doesn't mean to literally stand still and do nothing. It means to be resolute or confident. To hold your ground in a figurative sense. And in Exodus 14, that's Moses talking to the Jews, not God. As a matter of fact, immediately after he told them that, he went crying to God and He said (paraphrased) "what're ya crying out to Me for?!?! Stop your whining and keep moving forward!" They needed to keep doing what God had already told them to do. (There's a huge nugget there for you!)

Here's another one... in every instance in the Old Testament where we see something to the effect of "the battle belongs to the Lord" or "God will fight for you" or whatever, Israel wasn't sitting still. They didn't fall to their knees in prayer. There were already on their way to fight. They were already actively engaged in heading out to war.

The Lord does not save by sword or spear (1 Samuel 17:47)... well duh! We're the ones in the world! In Deuteronomy 3:22, Joshua couldn't just sit back and wait for God to hand over the kingdoms to him. No! He had to get up and move through them. Why? Because the Lord your God is He Who goes with you (Deuteronomy 20:4).

Get off your knees. You're not called to fight by prayer. Stop shunning your responsibilities. Don't dump a fight in God's lap and walk away from it. Do your part. And that's what this series is all about...

Practice the love of God.

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